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Here’s a screenshot of the news I saw a few days back :

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Please don’t hurt me.

I still love the idea of Bitcoin, and I want it to succeed with all of my heart.

But as much as I love and want to believe in it, it doesn’t make as much sense to blindly HODL.

Let me explain my reasons for reducing my position in Bitcoin.

I‘m invested in Square

Square is a mobile payment company that offers business software, POS systems, payment hardware products, and small business services. They also own CashApp.

Investing in Square is indirectly investing in Bitcoin. Moving forward, Jack Dorsey wants to start focusing on building a business on Bitcoin. …

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While it’s very encouraging to read articles about start-ups and how we can achieve it on Medium, not everyone has the time or energy to make it happen. Maybe for most of us, making that much money is nice to have, but not all that important. I know that I’d rather use the time and energy for the people I love.

However, I refuse to give up on my desire to be financially free as early as possible. I truly believe that it’s possible to achieve it with a regular job and some knowledge in personal finance.

I acknowledge that…

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I woke up to an epiphany despite having come across derivatives of this quote multiple times:

Most retail investors have no business buying individual stocks.

It took me a while to get sober, but I’m here now.

This is true especially for younger, poorer investors like myself.

The idea of potentially striking rich by owning individual stocks is exciting. I’m sure this needs no further explanation.

While it’s true that younger investors have the leeway of time to make investing mistakes and take bigger risks for a potentially bigger return, individual stocks are not it.

The most obvious reason it’s…

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It’s starting to get harder to come up with new content.

And I think I know why.

After reading a couple of stories across multiple sites, I’ve concluded that it’s because I haven’t experienced enough. However, I’m sure it’s just one of many reasons for my lack of inspiration; I’m open to any advice.

I’ve decided to focus on my business.

Not literally, though.

I met a patient who shared about how they’d lost their job. They recounted the years spent working with children in kindergarten across the state, going on to earn her degree in medical social work, to…

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What I’m about to say is a personal opinion. I’ve not compared statistical measures by any means. However, this is just what I think is the best way to learn about investing.

I’d read the book “rich dad, poor dad” after a long time, trying to avoid it. I thought that getting the essence of the book was enough. So it’s easy to find reviews and summaries about it that I figured it’d be as good as reading it.

Yep, I was wrong.

It wasn’t as though my perspective of money changed after reading it. To put it shamelessly, I…

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Money buys happiness; it helps you achieve freedom.

Freedom to spend time with loved ones, buy better quality groceries, for vacations, and maybe even the freedom to pay for some kid’s college tuition for the semester.

Simply put, whoever says they’d like to be poor?

My problem with having a job

We work our butts off for people sitting in higher positions than us. Many of us are underappreciated despite battling bad traffic and braving the weather to get to work. Our paychecks never seem to match the cost of living, and the government keeps taking money away from us by taxing this, taxing that. …

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It’s been a couple of months since I’ve decided that I’m better off being alone than to try and be part of some clique.

All it took was two occurrences with people, and I’ve decided,

Nope, that’s it.

I have more things to worry about. I have a future I want to build for myself and the sake of my new family. I don’t have time to be concerned about how other people feel about our interaction and how they rather things be.

Being alone has largely been a benefit to my mental health…

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This is the definition of risk, as quoted by SEC:

In finance, risk refers to the degree of uncertainty and/or potential financial loss inherent in an investment decision

However, to a layperson, risk can mean many things. So when someone says that investing is risky, I always ask them what they mean by it.

Is putting money aside and not being able to withdraw it for 30 years risky? Or is it because there’s a chance of losing money?

If losing money is why people think investing is risky, doesn’t that mean that not investing is the riskiest thing to…

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